About Us

Digitek as the blending of "Teknolojia ya Digitali Tanzania" in Swahili referring to Digital technology is the New brand broadcasting and pay Television in Tanzania established in 2012 for the aim of migrating Tanzanians from existing analogue Television system to modern Digital Television system.

Digiteck with aims at connecting many Tanzanians to Digital Television system has opted for the best services and high quality decoders which are produced and enhanced by DIVITECH companies based in South Africa and ROHDE and SCHWARZ based in Germany who are the technology Guru to make sure that Tanzanian set product which has a very high standard of quality in terms of the Set Top Boxes itself and signal provided.

The DIGITEK in Tanzania follows the history of digital television in Tanzania which started in the 1990s. The Media industry prior to this was mainly based on analogue and monopolized by the government. This meant that the entertainment available to Tanzania was determined by government policies and not market.